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We welcome you to join a FREE ashtanga-based yoga class at our studio on Tuesday June 21 taught by Scott Brinkman and Jess Carter.  No previous experience required.  Hope to see you at this event!


* Scott Brinkmann began his study of Yogic asana on the birthday of the Immortal Himalayan sage Mahavatar Babaji in late 2007.  Scott now teaches an Ashtanga based style with elements of Yin, Kundalini, Pranayama and intuition.   He also teaches at the Braille Institute, addicts, students with health challenges, and dancers.  The Ancient Yogic Science is adaptable to any student at any stage of life.

* Jess Carter began yoga through Hatha in the 1990’s and explored many forms
including: Yin, Kundalini, Restorative, Vinyasa Flow, and Iyengar, but ound her roots in Ashtanga, and Ashtanga-based yoga.  In addition to standard classes, she has also taught yoga to the blind at the Braille Center,  and will continue bringing yoga to those who face
challenges in coming to class. The strongest calling In her heart is to
bring this healing, life-changing practice to everyone, because everyone
can find their way home through yoga.

As Teachers they believe it is vital to remain lifelong students of the practice.  They both still study with Jody Blumstein, the top Ashtangi at Yogaworks, and both chose to take their Teacher Training through Ella Cojocaru, a notoriously tough and globally-renowned Romanian Yogini who competed in the Olympics as a child and has now become one
of the most inspiring Yogis on the planet