most people, when they think of karate, think that it is just about self-defense or learning to punch, kick and block.  But the practice and the philosophy of karate is more than that.  karate combines the mental and physical -- a coordination of the mind and body to achieve balance and harmony.  gender and age are not boundaries to practicing this art.  it is a way of life as we strive to become stronger, healthier, happier and more peaceful people.


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Photography:  Anthony Avildsen


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our INTRO TO women's self-defense PROGRAM RUN IN 5-week sessions AT OUR STUDIO.  OUR ADVANCED PROGRAM RUN 4-WEEKS.  learn how to defend yourself!  CLASS and PRICING INFORMATION HERE

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WE currently offer MORNING (VINYASA FLOW) AND EVENING CLASSES (GENTLE YOGA) at our studio.  no previous experience necessary. detailed information, CLASS TIMES & PRICING HERE