women's self-defense

our approach to personal safety and self-defense training will teach you leveraged-based techniques that allow you to defend yourself effectively regardless of the size and strength of the attacker.  we will focus on both stRIKING and GRAPPLING TECHNIQUES FOR STANDING AND GROUND SITUATIONS - as most attackers will attempt to get the victim to the ground in the majority of cases.  our classes will put you in real-life situations so you can train yourself to think and react quickly.  the aim is to gain confidence in yourself and your abilities to identify, avoid and protect yourself against A DANGEROUS ASSAILANT. 

Women's Self-Defense

OUR Classes will run in 8-week cycles. every sunday (11:30am-12:45pm), you will learn standing, ground, and striking techniques along with practice time. Each class is stand-alone, so new students can join at any time.  cost is $25/class or $50/month (4 classes).

for your convenience, subscribe to the monthly auto-pay, $50/month (4 classes)

Overview of our Self-Defense Program

Angela, our Women’s Self-Defense Instructor, talks about her journey coming to Knowles Karate Academy and now as an instructor


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