QIGONG -  mornings with AMOKE

the focus of this class is a qigong practice known as the eight pieces of brocade, also called the general prescription.  the practice of qigong improves energy flow.  it is based on the belief/knowledge that everything is comprised of qi and that free flowing qi is essential to good health.  qi or chi means vital energy or life breath.  Gong means cultivation of or work. 

this practice, originating from china, dates back to over 4500 years and is still widely practiced there today.  it was first introduced to the us in the mid 70's and like tai chi (which is a form of qigong), is gaining popularity much like yoga.  qigong is one of the treatments of traditional chinese medicine.  along with acupuncture/acupressure, it seeks to clear energy blockages in the body's energy highways (called meridians).  through gentle movements and deep breathing, a meditative state of mind is achieved.  the practice of qigong promotes healing and balance, unifying body, mind, and spirit.

WEDNESDAYS: 8:30AM - 9:30AM (starting aug 1)


  • $10/CLASS

  • PAYABLE AT THE STUDIO BEFORE EACH CLASS or using paypal button



AMOKE (CAROLYN WARREN) began her qigong practice almost 10 years ago with master samuel barnes of qigong healing institute / tai chi works beverly hills.  She received her teaching certification for "eight pieces of brocade" in sept 2013.  since that time, amoke has taught classes at Centinela skilled nursing facility (inglewood), unity fellowship of Christ church, and guidance church of religious science.  over the past year, she has also taught master barnes's classes at west los angeles veterans administration and roxbury park when he travels abroad. she is also a practitioner of shengong light.

 in 2014, amoke began studying tai chi chuan with inpu ka mut that is mostly geared for healing, incorporating both qigong and yoga practices.  she has taught class in his absence at weingart ymca and umma clinic's office located at weber community center.  she looks forward to continuing to grow in these disciplines and to share these healing practice with others

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