October Gup Test

October Gup Test

Pumped and ready for the test!

Warming up.


High punches

Getting intense

Imagining an opponent 

Every test involves flying!

White and yellow belts demonstrating their form

Some serious evaluation going on by the Testing Board

Not messing around

Dans doing their form

Getting out of a Bear Hug

What to do when someone grabs your wrist

Feeling good

Demonstrating knife-defense technique

Two-on-one wrist-grab technique

2 boards meet a head  -- Master Shteynberg shows us how it's done!

Miss Shteynberg and her awesome kick!

Mr Zerries with a 2-board break!

David gets it done with a punch.

Brian and his fist.

Board, meet Angel

Bravo Carlo! 

Chris doesn't even break a sweat

Ogechi was all ready for this.

Angela means business!

Stephanie gets it on the first try

Ive nails it!!

Penny power!

Go Raylene!

Levvy's first break ever.

Determination - 5th kick and Kwaben succeeds!

Angel does his thing.

Ilse does it!

Andrew too!

Go Emily!!

Aaliyah gets ready ....

Tsengun assessing the situation...

Jayden persevered.

Elisha & his kick!

Feeling accomplished!

Post-test meditation to get everyone back to their center.

A photo-op after our April Kids Gup Test!

April Adult Gup Test!

Great turnout for our women's self-defense event in partnership with UN Women LA!

A fun shot from our photoshoot for a voyagela.com feature article!  

I can't tell...are they excited they got their new belts?

Saturday morning mixed classes -always a good time.


Kids Belt Ceremony - congratulations!

A proud moment

Happy faces!

Look who's coming at you.....

Sometimes begging helps get them to do the techniques correctly

No one's going to mess with him.

Form:  Chil Sung Il Ro Hyung

We're serious but we also have fun!

Father/Daughter duo

How high can you kick?

Learning to fly in dance class!

Was it something I said? 

Happy faces after the Adult Test!

Attempting to look mean after completing Kids Test

Debut Kids Creative Dance/Movement class

Working on those blocks!

Night class with Master Zakhar

Only pic we took of the first Annual Holiday Party

Self-defense : learning how to get out of a grab hold

Our friend Chanel visiting from Florida!

Girl Power

More promotions!

Post-Thanksgiving class to work off the turkey.

Two more 7th Gup recipients - orange belt with a stripe

The promotions continue.....

 A proud moment.

A proud moment.

Some of the kids 8th & 7th Gup recipients

More recipients....

New adult yellow and orange belts

Michael teaching Congresswoman Walters a self-defense move at an event


Some new smiling faces in our classes

Partner drills!

Orange Belt Ceremony

Another Orange Belt!

The infamous Tai Chi "teacup" move

Leadership - we encourage our students to take turns leading class!

Demonstrating hol sun sul (wrist grab)

One of our youngest students breaking a board for his Orange Belt test!

Fundraiser yoga classes on 9/11 to benefit savethechildren.org - session #1  (Yes, that is a 5 month baby eating a banana!)

Fundraiser yoga class - session #2.  Tree pose!

What a good yoga class does for you during cool-down 

Fundraiser yoga class- session #3. While the adults were struggling.....

Morning tai chi

Congrats to our first orange belt!